Paperwork Required of Every Sortie

Flying a Sortie


What do I have to do prior to flying a sortie?

·         WMIRS entry (Opens a new window/tab)

·         Electronic CAPF 104 must be completed under the respective mission and sortie number

·         Weight and Balance (if using Excel print a copy as a pdf and upload into the CAPF104 Attachments & Documentation section as Other) or place the numbers (fuel on board, total weight, arm, and W&B is within limits, alone with your CAPID number) in the Crew Comment block of the CAPF104.

·         Operational Risk ManagementMatrix (Scanned and uploaded to the CAPF104 Attachments & Documentation section as AIF ORM Matrix) If unable to scan the ORM Number needs to be placed in the Crew Notes section under Briefing and noted as “ORM (Number) / CAPID”

o   ORM Instructions on how to fill out

·         At that time you may request a flight release. This must be done in person or via telephone and the FRO will release the flight electronically in eFlight Release within WMIRS


What do I have to do after flying a sortie?

·         MUST HAVE FOR ALL SORTIES: Ending and Starting Tach, Ending and Starting Hobbs, Actual Time of Departure, Total Time

·         Notify your Flight Release Officer

·         Fuel:

o   Refuel plane to pre-determined level (Some are topped off while others are filled to the tabs)

o   Pay for fuel and get receipt

·         Sortie Close Out

o   Scan and upload copy of receipt into WMIRS under the sortie flown

·         Complete Electronic CAPF104 Debriefing Information Section

o   Notify Wing Administrator sortie completed if you are seeking reimbursement for a funded mission