Incident Commanders Page

SC Wing has six main Incident Commanders that rotate on-call schedules with the USAF Rescue Coordination Center. USAF-RCC calls the on-duty IC any time SC Wing is activated for missions.
Each IC must keep an "IC go kit" which is assigned by wing and maintained by each IC. In addition to the required items of an IC go kit by CAP regulation 60-3 SC Wing has added many other items either electronic form on a USB thumb drive or physical items. What is required of each IC in addition to the supplied kits is they will need a laptop computer. Some provide their own while others may have an issued wing laptop. Also recommended is an iPad through not required.
Software on Laptop:
  • Google Earth (not the best GIS tool but meets CAP's budget)
    • Major Chuck Morris, IC and Master PSC, has built many pre-plotted items in KML format
  • AP Processing program:
    • Official CAP version
    • The newly developed AP Processor by Major Morris
  • MS Office Suite or OpenOffice
    • Word (Word Processor)
    • Excel (spreadsheet)
    • PowerPoint
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader 
For list of items included in the Wing issued IC Go Kit click here
To download updated electronic IC Kit to be used to update your computer and/or issued thumb drive click here File is hosted offsite in ZIP format and is 85MB in size