New to Emergency Services

Are you NEW to Emergency Services? If your answer is YES continue reading:


What do I need to do before I can participant on a mission? You will need the General Emergency Services qualification on your 101 card. So how do I get this?

·       General Emergency Services Training (Training slides and GES Questionnaire must be completed with a passing score)

·       NIMS ICS 100
·    NIMS ICS 200
            ·    NIMS ICS 700
            ·    NIMS ICS 800


Be sure to print your certificates for ICS 100, ICS 200, ICS 700, ICS 800 or save them to your computer as a PDF as they MUST be uploaded into e-services. You may also upload a copy of an EMI transcript in lieu of certificates. See your Squadron ES Officer or your Commander for help!

This will complete your BASIC GES training which will allow you to attend training missions to observe or to begin training in other areas.

The current required NIMS training for CAP emergency services personnel are listed below:

* indicates that this course is recommended but not required for these specialties.

** When required, ICS-400 is required to be completed by the Federal compliance date which is currently 30 September 2009.