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2013 Winter Field Training Exercise - SUCESS!!

posted Feb 7, 2013, 5:46 PM by System Administrator

The South Carolina Wing Civil Air Patrol conducted a Winter Field Training Exercise to train Seniors and Cadets alike on January 18 – 20, 2013 at Lee State Park (Bishopville, SC).  Twelve units were represented at the training with approximately 14 Seniors and 43 Cadets.  In order to attend the training, senior members are required to have passed Level 1 and the General Emergency Services (ES) Test (116) on-line.  Cadets are required to have passed their Curry (first achievement) and General ES Test on-line.  Of the 56 total number of participants, 40 were Ground Team Member 3 (GTM3) Trainees, 5 Ground Team Lead (GTL) Trainees (4 cadets and 1 senior), and 11 were on Staff.  Units represented included Aiken (7), Florence (7), Lexington (5), Charleston (2), Anderson (2), Spartanburg (4), York (7), Lowcountry (7), Walterboro (4), Richland (3), River Oaks (7), Group 3/Wing (1)

Scenarios included several training beacon (simulated Emergency Locator Transmitter) searches and lost people searches.  Participants learned how to use and L-per (Directional Finding device) to locate the training beacons and to find clues while searching for lost persons.  In addition, members learned basic communication skills, how to initially assess a person locate after a search and how to move a person on a stretcher.  Course instructors included both seniors and cadets who are Ground Team Leads.  Some other topics included during the training included natural hazards, fire safety, cold weather preparedness and tips for staying safe.

Participants stayed in tents they brought to the activity, with the option to stay in one of the three different GP Medium Tents.  According to ground team requirements, members brought their 24-hour packs which included meals.  Members ate Meals Ready to Eat (MREs and/or canned goods or appropriate food for packs).  Temperatures dipped to the 20s the first night of the exercise, but members were prepared with cold weather gear to stay comfortable.

The Commander for the event was Lt. Col. Chris Peterson, Group 3 Commander.  Lead Instructor was Capt. Bruce Brown (Aiken) and Lead Support was Capt. Bill Hargrove (Florence), both received Mission Support Assistant/Branch Director sign-off for their efforts.  PIO for the event was Major Tina Peterson (River Oaks).  Lt. Col. George Roberts supported the mission with supplies, firewood, and support.  A special thanks to all involved in supporting and attending the WFTX.

Civil Air Patrol is an IRS 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and the official Auxiliary of the United States Air Force.  CAP is tasked with support of the Air Force for Emergency Services, including search and rescue (SAR), homeland security, and disaster reiief operations.  In addition, the other missions of the CAP include Cadet Programs (a youth program to assist in character development and leadership), and Aerospace Education (promoting aviation within our communities).  CAP members are volunteers, with programs funded by Congress and by the SC State Legislature.  To learn more about CAP or how you can get involved go to