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CAP Radar and Cellular Forensics Teams Locate Downed Aircraft

posted May 27, 2014, 7:52 AM by Ray Schnell
Late Monday afternoon (26 May 2014) a missing single-engine aircraft was located in a heavily wooded area southwest of Chester, SC, by air and ground teams from the South Carolina Wing, Civil Air Patrol.  Officials fron the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center alerted CAP in the early hours of Monday morning to the possibility of a downed aircraft.  Four CAP aircraft and a seven-member ground search team were dispatched on the search.  The South Carolina Department of Resources also participated in the aerial search.
The Grumman AA1B aircraft departed Wilmington, NC and was bound for Clayton County, Georgia, but never arrived.  Data from the Civil Air Patrol's radar and cellular telephone forensics teams guided search teams to the Chester area, where a CAP aircrew located the crash site.  Search teams from the South Carolina DNR, Chester Co. Sheriff's Department, and Civil Air Patrol converged on the site within minutes.  Neither the pilot nor the passenger of the aircraft survived.