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National Check Pilot Standardization Course

posted Dec 16, 2013, 7:03 AM by Ray Schnell

KCHS, 14 Dec 2013

The annual gathering of SC Wing’s Instructors and Check Pilots occurred at the Wing’s Supplement to the National Check Pilot Standardization Course held in Charleston, SC Saturday 14 Dec 2013.  This program serves as an opportunity to realign the Wing’s Standardization and Evaluation team with the latest supplements, guides, and policies used to formulate a safe and successful Stan/Eval team.

17 members from across the State attended on an instrument meteorological conditions day.  The team was treated to a wonderful presentation from 30 year veteran Designated Pilot Examiner and Pilot Tips contributor Wallace “Wally” Moran from Summerville, SC.   Wally, who serves as the areas powered and glider DPE, provide timely humor and wonderful guidance to the team.

Following Wally’s presentation the team was able to understand both the common failures on IFR check rides and the proper procedures for Auto-Pilot & GPS approaches in the Garmin G1000 and GNS 400 aircraft, presented by Maj. Mike Knox.  Capt. Dan Tindall provided the area’s MACA brief.  MACA, Mid-Air Collision Avoidance is the USAF’s guide to seeing and avoiding military aircraft.  In a state as full and rich in military aviation as SC, it is imperative our pilots are fully aware of our brethren using proximate airspace.  Capt. Tindall’s presentation was reinforced by USAF C-17 and former F-16 pilot Capt. Travis Whittemore.  Capt Whittemore is also a CAP Flight Instructor and Glider Check pilot stationed at Charleston AFB.  Capt. Whittemore presented the procedures, policies, and practices on see and avoid from the practical sense within the military cockpit.  Additionally, he identified the lack of cockpit automation to assist in see and avoid within the C17 and other military aircraft.

The afternoon brought information regarding National Headquarters’ new Form 5 Check Guide from Maj. Phil O’Rielly and Cadet Orientation Flying and pilot certification philosophy presented by Lt. Brett Grooms.  Lt. Col. Chris Peterson conducted the final discussion of the day regarding the pending SC Wing CAPR 60-1 Supplement.

The program was a great benefit to the Stan/Eval team which will filter down to solidify our Wing’s pilots and other aviators.

Thanks to all who attended.

-Lt. Col. Chris Peterson

Ray Schnell,
Dec 16, 2013, 7:03 AM