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SCWG Fertile Keynote 15-1-10594

posted Jul 19, 2015, 8:52 AM by Ray Schnell

Members of the SC Wing participated in a Fertile Keynote Exercise with the SC Air National Guard, the USAF and other DoD/FAA/Local Law Enforcement agencies on 18 July, 2015.  Our Target and High Bird have successfully returned to their home base.


The mission was exciting, challenges started early in the morning, requiring crews to overcoming aircraft imprisonment due to power outages effecting hangar and airport gate access in the upstate.  Additional challenges on the Repeater, caused  the team to again adapt and overcome, as the High Bird literally repeated every communication between Mission Base/IC and the TOI.  At the end of the day, the mission was again highly successful and the ANG seems to be well pleased with our dedication and support.


Air Crews:

Shannon Stevens – MO TOI

Ben Cole – MP TOI

Roger Kelly – MP High Bird

Mitch Brach – MO and a very busy communicator High Bird


Mission Radio/Communication Lead – Russell Albright


Special Thanks to Doug Anderson, Brad Lee, and Brett Grooms for setting up the game plane, communications, and support.


If you or members of your unit would like to participate in this twice a month reoccurring mission please inform Operations.  We always need qualified aircrew and communicators,  training is available.