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Weekly Update - 02 SEP 2015

posted Sep 30, 2015, 3:30 PM by System Administrator


As Erika disintegrates over the US, it’s a great reminder to each of us to gauge our level of readiness for a hurricane or other natural disaster.  Are our 24 hour packs ready, flight gear & charts current, uniforms and other supplies ready?  What about our family and our personal stuff?  Generator functional with fuel, candles, water, food, escape route?  If you have not conducted a self-evaluation – it’s a great time to do so. 



wing wide SAR/EX is coming in the next few weeks.  It will be used to gauge the wing’s response to a natural disaster.   You can expect wing wide operations between 15 and 20 Sept.  Yes, you read that correct, we will have funded flying and ES operations after 15 Sept this year.  TAKE NOTICE – A WING SIDE SAR EX IN TWO WEEKS.


Mini – Local SAR/EX

A joint unit SAR/EX with Sumter, Florence, and Marion was conducted this weekend.  Although mother-nature did not support the requested flight operations, significant Ground Team, UDF, and Mission Radio training and exercising was conducted.  Great work by all those to participated.



Orientation Flights

 Spartanburg continues to crank out the glider sorties providing cadet orientation flights to the cadets of our wing.    The glider is currently sitting on 174 glider sorties and is well scheduled for the next month to achieve goal.  


Cadet Programs

 October 9-11 is Cadet Training Weekend.  More information and staff applications are available at  POC:  Maj Cunningham.


Cadet Flight Training Applications are due this weekend. Cadets with at least a Mitchell and interest in flying around Thanksgiving (likely missing two days of public school) please provide a CAP resume to Lt. Col. Chris Peterson.



 September 5:  Instrument Proficiency Check School in Burlington, NC.  POC:  Capt Tindall.


Continuous Through September:


Low Level Military Training Route Surveys.  CAP flies military training routes to look for obstructions or other factors that are of concern to military aircraft.  Capt Brett Grooms is coordinating these sorties.


Directed Training and Proficiency for Ops and ES missions.  This includes the Constant Exercise initiative, but also includes things you may need individually or for your unit.  Col Smith is the POC for Constant Exercise initiatives and Capt Grooms is the POC for Directed Training and Proficiency Flying.


Professional Development


September 12:  Corporate Learning Course (CLC) at SC Wing HQ.  Maj Fronabarger is the POC.