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Weekly Update - 09 SEP 2015

posted Sep 30, 2015, 3:31 PM by System Administrator

It’s a great day in the SC Wing!





Our glider exceeded FY 2015 goal this past weekend placing 204 sorties on the powerless bird.  What a significant achievement.  Spartanburg Composite Squadron the Wing’s caretaker of the Glider program with support from key Wing staff has made an awesome effort this summer, not only to provide an effective program for our cadets but working to transition some powered pilots into glider and tow pilots.  This effort will continue into FY 2016 and we anticipate some scheduled flying for O Flights in the Fall and Spring on the calendar shortly.


There still exists roughly $1500 in the Cadet Orientation Flight Budget for O Flights and the execution date been extended to 26 Sept with receipt turn in immediately at sortie close out. 


Cadet Programs


October 9-11 is Cadet Training Weekend.  More information is available at  POC:  Maj Cunningham.


Cadet Flight Training: 21-25 Nov there will be Cadet Flight Training in Walterboro, SC.  Room and board provided, applications due, costs $125. POC:  Lt. Col. Chris Peterson by 15 Sept.




SAR/EX: there will be a wing wide SAR/DR Exercise throughout the state starting on or about  17 Sept and ending around 23 Sept.   Details will be provided per the scenario in the coming days – but take notice, its coming.


Continuous Through September:


Low Level Military Training Route Surveys.  CAP flies military training routes to look for obstructions or other factors that are of concern to military aircraft.  Capt Brett Grooms is coordinating these sorties.


Directed Training and Proficiency for Ops and ES missions.  This includes the Constant Exercise initiative, but also includes things you may need individually or for your unit.  There has been money added to these missions, please contact Capt Grooms.


New Bird: There are three new Cessna 172 G1000 aircraft in the Middle East Region.  One in NC, one also in NC but awaiting assignment, and one at an undisclosed location in the great Wing of SC.  Yes, you heard that correctly, SC received a new airplane.    Our fleet will remain at 9 aircraft with N926CP transitioning to DC Wing, but we now have more Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA = G1000) than round dial aircraft.


Professional Development


September 12:  Corporate Learning Course (CLC) at SC Wing HQ.  Maj Fronabarger is the POC