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Weekly Update - 21 SEP 2015

posted Sep 30, 2015, 3:34 PM by System Administrator


Florence and Low Country have achieved the Quality Cadet Unit Award.  This is a significant accomplishment.  The award requires 6 out of 10 of the following criteria:


·         Adult Leadership: Unit has at least 3 Training Leaders of Cadets graduates on its roster

·         Aerospace: Unit earned the Aerospace Excellence Award (AEX) or send in an after-action report on a STEM Kit during the school year

·         Cadet Achievement: 40% of cadets on roster have attained the Wright Brothers Award

·         DDR Participation: 20% of cadets on roster have completed DDRx or unit participated in RRLA

·         Encampment: 50% of cadets on roster have completed encampment

·         Enrollment: Unit has at least 35 cadets listed on its roster

·         Growth: Unit’s cadet roster increased by 10%, or 10 cadets

·         Orientation Flights: 70% of cadets on roster have participated in at least 1 flight

·         Retention: Unit retained 40% of first year cadets (cadets that joined from 1 September 2013 through 31 August 2014)

·         CyberPatriot: Have one or more teams competing in CyberPatriot


Many squadrons in the SC Wing received 4 or 5 of 10 criteria.  Let’s set this as a goal and have all units work to attain this awesome achievement next year.   Again, congratulations to Florence and Low Country on this fantastic achievement.


Many end of the Fiscal Year Reports are due in the coming weeks and months.  Please review this schedule with your staff to remain compliant.


CAP Mission Updates:


Aerospace Education:

Aerospace Plans of Action for FY2016 and AE Reports are due in the next quarter.  Please start to review your FY2015, set goals for FY16 and submit your data to and request further information from Maj. Tina Peterson.


Cadet Programs

9-11 Oct, Cadet Training Weekend

POC: Maj. Joshua Cunningham

Staff Applications Online –


Note to Commanders and DCC’s:  Supporting the Cadet Training Weekends (CTW) and Encampments are the single best on the job training opportunity for seniors and cadets who support the Cadet Program.   If you as a commander have not been able to support one of the CTW events I highly recommend you do – there is no finer weekend training program in the nation for the cadet program which includes seniors who support the program.



SC Wing powered aircraft have joined our glider in achieving usage goal for FY2015.  The current average per airplane is 202 hours with a goal of 200.  Congratulations to everyone in the wing for making this happen.  Aircraft usage is one of many criteria which factor into aircraft allotment (number of aircraft per wing) and is a key matrix in demonstrating that SC Wing is accomplishing the mission.  Special thanks to the caretakers, unit and wing operations staff, pilots, and cadets of the following aircraft which individually are above goal:

·         N635CP – 288.7 Hours

·         N357CP – 271.2 hours

·         N819CP – 229.1 Hours

·         N873CP – 211.4 Hours

·         N993CP is only 5 hours short of goal!


There is still limited funded flying available – flights must be accomplished by Sunday and the receipts uploaded and flight closed out nearly immediately for the finance process to occur at Wing and NHQ for refund.  POC: DO Capt. Brett Grooms

·         A-12 (Proficiency Flying) ~ 27 Hours

·         A-15 (Cadet O Flights) ~ 23 Hours


Don’t forget to wash your airplane!  Aircraft should be washed often.  If you need supplies or instructions do not hesitate to contact the Director of Maintenance POC Lt. Col. Bill Shook or DO Capt. Brett Grooms.




General Staff Updates:


Professional Development

7 Nov Unit Commanders Course Sept

POC: Maj. Kem Fronabarger


Public Affairs

15 Oct marks the Public Affairs Plans due date to Wing.   POC: Capt. Matt Hamrick



1 Oct, CAPF 172 is due, this is accomplished by the Commander in eServices POC: Lt. Col. Kent McCoin



ICUT DEADLINE 30 SEPT.  Contact Maj. Brad Lee for information… your ES qualifications will disappear if you have not accomplished this transition!


Logistics and Comms Inventory

That time is about upon us – Annual Inventory.  Please start accounting for your materials.  If you have materials that are unused, broke, old, insufficient, or need something please have your unit Supply or Comms contact the LG/Comm Directors atWing.


Commanders Call

Commanders Call will be held 14 Nov at Wing HQ.  With a couple of special themes:

·         Communications and Logistics Inventories should be complete prior to this date (15 Oct is target). 

·         End of Year Awards should be kicked off and will be a focused discussion

·         After CC Call we will hold a SAR Competition. 

o   Each unit is expected to provide a UDF team for competition (minimum 2 personnel). 

o   Units who can support an Aircrew should do so, if you have an aircraft at this time plan on bringing it to CC Call for the competition.

§  Units with only partial crews can team with other units for a full compliment

§  Units without aircraft will have opportunity to compete as well.

o   What to expect: Written and Demonstration Tests on any tasks listed on the SQTR for the position you are demonstrating during the evaluation.

·         More to come….